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Makerspace - A Learning Space For Everyone

Makerspace innovation leads to a teaching and learning model that places students at the center, reduces the role of teachers, and opens up opportunities for students to experiment, try, and work independently. This helps promote students’ confidence, allows them to discover their untapped potential, and enables them to independently practice problem-solving processes, transforming them into critical thinkers and effective problem solvers.

Starfish Education has been utilizing and promoting the concept of "Maker Education" in Thailand since 2017. It has developed the "Design Thinking" process, teacher training, and methods for establishing Makerspace in schools, homes, and in various areas for activities. Furthermore, in schools with both abundant and limited resources, or in schools located in remote areas. This document presents information and format of "Makerspace" in Thailand, in which Starfish Education has played a role in development. It is considered an important educational innovation that drives quality education with relevance to the 21st century.

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